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Posted by: Del Abe Jones ( on 17 Sep 2002 at 10:12:13 AM

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White Bluff, TN


Just a piece of parchment paper
With words formed by a quill ink pen
That begin with, "We, the people."
Includes Amendments One through Ten.

That ink has dried two centuries -
Its' words though still crisp and clear
And we should celebrate their writing
More than each, hundredth year.

They give us each the life we live -
Provide our priceless liberty
That more than any place on Earth
There is a land where one is free.

On July the Fourth we celebrate
Our Freedoms' Declaration -
But the American Constitution's
What really made this nation.


More than two hundred years have passed
And it has withstood the test -
A timeless writ of foresight -
Though not perfect, still the best.

Those words upon that parchment
Promise equal rights to all -
Words inspired by mans need
To answer freedoms' call.

A prophecy of future ways
Which still works for us today -
(How did they know what to write
So it would turn out that way?).

Laws are changed and amended
If they people will it so -
But there are so few of them
We ever will outgrow.

It's been discussed and debated -
Interpreted differently -
But the basics remain the same -
Protecting the land of the free.

An unlimited guarantee
With no expiration date -
If those words had not been written
This world might face a different fate.

So let's celebrate and think about
The laws of this great land -
For without them all would be lost -
Wiped 'way by some tyrants' hand


We, the people of these United States
To form a more perfect union
Do, hereby ordain and reestablish
This American Constitution -
To promote a general Welfare -
Provide a common Defence -
And to establish equal Justice
In a setting from whence
We, the people of this Great Nation
In safe Tranquillity
Can secure all the Blessings
Of guaranteed Liberty.


We have the Right to Assemble -
Freedom of Press and Speech -
The Right for all to Petition -
And all Religions to Preach.


We have the Right to a Militia
For State Security -
The Right to keep and bear Arms -
One more Guarantee.

In times when there is Peace
Then the Right to Commandeer
Possessions by the Soldier
The Law says, "No.", it's clear -
But if it is in Wartime
Then, for those who live its' Hell
The Law says, we must open doors -
Provide them a place to Dwell.


Illegal Searches are Prohibited -
As for Seizures, it's the same
Unless a Warrant has been issued
That states specific Place and Name.


No person without Due Process
Shall be Tried for any Crime -
And for any one Offense
Shall be Indicted just one time -
No one shall have to Testify
Against themselves, if they do -
Life, Liberty, and Property
To be Protected by Laws too.

One accused of Crime has Right
To a speedy public Trial -
To a Jury of his Peers -
To Legal Counsel all the while -
To confront his Accusers -
To have Witness for his side -
To be Convicted by the Proof -
Not by things merely implied.


The Right to Jury Trial
Shall always be preserved -
Except, as is Provided
The Judgment will be Observed.


No Excessive Fines will be imposed -
Excessive Bail is not permitted -
No Cruel, Unusual Punishment
Is to be Inflicted.


Those Rights listed herein
Shall not take away
From those retained by the People
Or the Will, of what they say.


The Laws other that those stated
Shall be written by each State
By the Will of the People -
To unique problems, they'll relate.

These First through Tenth Amendments
Of our Constitution
Are the most important
For our Freedoms' Resolution -
We must always Protect them
And not let them slip away
For, though they don't work perfectly
This World has not a better way.


You're a grand and stately "Lady" -
Your head held up so proud and high -
A book of our laws in one hand -
The other lighting freedoms' sky.

You have greeted many millions
To the gates of freedoms' land -
You offered them a way of life
Not found in their Fatherland.

You have welcomed home our troops
From those far-off foreign wars -
Where we fought and died for liberty -
To keep oppression from our shores.

You've observed a lot of changes
And through all, stayed young at heart -
Still honoring those promises
Which were made right at the start.

Now you are a century old
But you do not show your age -
Though in the books of history
You have turned many a page.

So have a Happy Birthday, Lady
And may your light forever shine -
We thank you for your tireless vigil
At the worlds' freedom lifeline.


In the year of 1776
That paper was decreed -
They were tired of oppression
And wanted to be freed .

They wrote a Declaration
So the whole world would see -
This was, "the home of the brave
And the land of the free".

They signed that piece of parchment
The leaders of this land -
Knowing, divided they would fall
But, together they could stand.

A new world lay before them
Untamed from shore to shore -
They swore the would protect it
If it meant going to war.

Battles have been fought -
And many lives have been lost -
So sad something so basic
Has such a high, high cost.

'Seems freedom is a luxury
There's some would bind us all -
Like then, together, we can stand
But divided, we will fall.

More than two hundred years
Have past by since that day
That each of us celebrate
In our own different way.

We should be proud and thankful
Pay our share of the cost -
Not take freedom for granted
For it easily could be lost.


Friends and family gather
For Independence Day -
We'll celebrate our freedom
And the American way.

They'll be picnics in the park -
And fireworks in the sky
As some salute "Old Glory"
With a teardrop in their eye.

There's some who can't be with us -
They died in some foreign land -
For when Liberty was threatened
They heard the call and made their stand.

So, as we reap the harvest
Of the great American dream -
Let's pause a moment, thank those
Who paid the price, supreme.


This day is set aside
to honor those
who took the chance to die.

But they have died in vain
if we ever forget
the reason why.

Freedom can be like time
slipping away
before we even know.

But we all have the choice
more, a duty
to battle freedoms' foe.

Let us give thanks this day
to all those brave
who paid the highest cost.

Not take it for granted
and realize
it easily could be lost.


They said, "It's alright to burn it."
"You can throw it to the ground."
"You can wear it on your back.
That symbol of the freedom bound.

It's been through catastrophes -
Flown high in wartimes' strife -
Men swore they would protect it
And did so with their life.

What makes them so supreme -
The high court of this land
To tell us when those Stars and Stripes
Should fall; when they should stand.

What right do they think they have
To let our flag be set ablaze -
Once, it was loved and respected -
Back there, in the good ol' days.


More than two hundred years ago
Betsy Ross sewed strips of rag -
From those bits of colored cloth
Was shaped "Old Glory", our grand flag.
Stripes of red and white
For the thirteen colonies -
White stars against the blue
Began waving in the breeze.

It's gone through minor changes -
With stars added, as we grew -
It's flown proudly o'er our land
And in some other countries, too.

That symbol of our freedom -
Should be protected, at all cost -
But now our reverence for it
Seems, to be getting lost.

There are some things so sacred
To our great American way
That, those who desecrate it
Should, have a price, to pay.

Even though each buys his own
That flag belongs to us all -
It's owned by all the people
And we should never let it fall.


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