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New Jersey Family History

To browse some local family history resources and links:

  1. GenWeb for NJ
  2. Genealogists' Guide from the New Jersey Historical Society
  3. Cyndi's List of links for NJ
  4. US Census records collated for NJ
  5. Select one of the NJ cities or towns below.
  6. Scroll down for assorted New Jersey genealogy tools currently being sold on eBay.

The following are live auctions. Click on any of the links for more information.

If there are no listings above, it could be a bug in the program. I recommend clicking over and searching for "New Jersey family history" or "NJ family history" or "New Jersey Irish genealogy" or "New Jersey English family genealogy" or whatever suits your fancy. You might be surprised at what you find. The variety of geneology tools being sold every day on eBay is amazing.

If there's still nothing, your best bet is to contact your local public library, or used book stores.

Have Fun!

Chris Whitten

P.S. If you're new to eBay, here are some tips. The first thing you'll need to do is register. This is free and easy. You'll have to provide some basic contact information, but that will be kept completely private.

Before you bid on an item I highly recommend checking the seller's "feedback rating." This gives you an indication of how the seller has treated other buyers. Almost everybody ends up with a negative review here and there, but too many is a bad sign. Read the negative comments and decide for yourself.

Also be sure to check the shipping and payment details. Some unscrupulous sellers charge too much for shipping and handling.

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